Torre denies report he's leaving LA after '10

Torre denies report he's leaving LA after '10

PHOENIX -- Joe Torre seemed partly amused and partly annoyed when told FOX Sports reported that "unnamed friends" claim he wouldn't return for a fourth season as manager unless the Dodgers' ownership situation improves.

"Obviously they're not friends of mine," Torre said. "I don't really allow those conversations out of my home. I haven't made up my mind and won't until closer to the end of the season."

Torre denied that his decision hinges on the outcome of the divorce between owner Frank McCourt and former club CEO Jamie McCourt.

"It's going to be mine," he said. "How I feel towards the end of the year, if I want to do this anymore. If I stop managing, I don't want to shut it down. That's not fair to my wife, to do that to her. It has more to do with me than anything else. I enjoy managing still. The players seem to be comfortable with it."

Told that the report further speculated that Torre would consider managing the Mets, Cubs or Braves, Torre again reacted with surprise.

"Must be the same friends," he said. "I refuse to say absolutely, but I have to say it's very, very remote that ever happens. I certainly don't anticipate, at age 70, searching around for another managing job."

Torre is in the third and final year of a $13 million deal and a year ago predicted that 2010 would be his final season as a manager. But in November, he confirmed that he and the club were in talks to extend the contract for one more season.

At the Winter Meetings in December, general manager Ned Colletti said those talks had expanded to include the front-office role. When Spring Training opened, Torre reiterated his interest in managing next season.

But in mid-March, he suspended negotiations to avoid becoming a "distraction" during the season. Torre said then that negotiations with the club included a significant front-office advisory role after the 2011 season and he wasn't sure if he'd want that kind of workload. Torre turns 70 in July.