Sherrill looks to Wagner for quick fix

Sherrill looks to Wagner for quick fix

LOS ANGELES -- George Sherrill, 0-1 with a 7.94 ERA, had gotten to a point early this season where he said he wasn't going to pore through any more video to figure out what was wrong with his mechanics.

On Saturday, before Sherrill struck out two in a scoreless inning against the Rockies in an 8-0 Dodgers loss, he went back to the tube one more time.

"I was telling some of the guys, thank God the Red Sox and Yankees went to a rain delay and [Billy] Wagner pitched," Sherrill said. "I've always been told I'm close to how he pitched."

Wagner, one of the most dominant left-handers relievers in history, is a little bit longer in his delivery than Sherrill. But what Sherrill realized is he was combating his arm speed: He watched Wagner, applied what he saw in his own warmups and in the bullpen and translated it in-game.

"All the other stuff I've been doing didn't even matter," Sherrill said. "Everything I've done all season, didn't matter."