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Torre thinks game's pace could improve

Torre thinks game's pace could improve

LOS ANGELES -- One of 14 members of a committee appointed by Commissioner Bud Selig to review on-field issues in baseball, Dodgers manager Joe Torre said this week he's taken a new understanding of matters he used to be critical of, like the need to keep all clubs happy when putting together a schedule. He also defended the Yankees and Red Sox from umpire Joe West, who named the teams as two of the worst when it comes to moving games rapidly.

After 30 innings amounted to 12 hours, 21 minutes of play for the Dodgers and D-backs at Dodger Stadium the last three games, Torre said Friday afternoon that his defense of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry doesn't mean there isn't improvement to be had.

"I know that Bud, Commissioner, is very sensitive about improving the pace of the game," Torre said. "Not necessarily shortening the game, but the pace of the game. And I agree with it and I can understand his frustration with it -- the in and out of the batter's box stuff, which has become sort of habit. But as far as the length of the game, which I think we got caught up in, isn't as much an issue like the Red Sox thing."