DeWitt not in Dodgers' starting lineup

DeWitt not in Dodgers' starting lineup

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers second baseman Blake DeWitt did not start Thursday night against Arizona's Dan Haren, replaced by Jamey Carroll. Manager Joe Torre first explained that DeWitt is "struggling" with his swing and "fouling off pitches that he should be putting into play."

Torre, however, also conceded that DeWitt's lifetime numbers against Haren -- 0-for-10 with five strikeouts -- were more than a small factor in the decision.

"I only pay attention to stats if they get my attention," Torre said in Yogi Berra fashion.

Andre Ethier did remain in the lineup, although the ankle he sprained last week in Pittsburgh is still sore. Ethier pulled up a little gimpy Wednesday night after a sixth-inning single and hopped awkwardly while striking out in the 10th inning.

"Last night it looked doubtful for today," said Torre. "But I saw him at 3 o'clock and everything was fine. It was bothering him. I noticed when he pulled up at first one time. It's a situation where it doesn't damage him, it's a matter of comfort."