Weaver steps into Dodgers' short-relief role

Weaver steps into Dodgers' short-relief role

LOS ANGELES -- Jeff Weaver has been a rare bullpen bright spot for the Dodgers, and he's done it in another new role. The one-time starter, who transformed himself into a long reliever last year, is reinvented again as a short reliever who appeared in six of the Dodgers' first seven games.

"I don't think, coming out of Spring Training, that I would ever be used like this, but that's what the beginning of the season is for," Weaver said. "You find out who fits each role. I see it as a new challenge, like long relief was last year. Another fun experience to see what you can bring to the table."

Weaver said he's adapted quickly.

"When you've been around awhile, you figure it out," he said. "The question is, how will my body respond to it? That might be why they've done it, to see. So far, so good. Since last year, my approach is to be ready for whatever role and make the adjustment and I'm satisfied so far."

Manager Joe Torre stayed away from using Weaver on Wednesday night, even though the game went 11 innings and every other reliever was used, plus starter Charlie Haeger in relief. But Weaver said he's healthy.

"I've always had a resilient arm," he said. "It's more a test of my lower back and hips. I just stretch a lot so things don't tighten up. Your arm, you're throwing every day anyway."