Torre rearranges lineup vs. Ohlendorf, Bucs

Torre rearranges lineup vs. Ohlendorf, Bucs

PITTSBURGH -- With the Pirates throwing the right-hander Ross Ohlendorf on Wednesday night, Dodgers manager Joe Torre returned Matt Kemp to the second spot in the batting order, dropping Russell Martin to eighth. On Opening Day, Martin hit second, Kemp fifth and each had a pair of hits.

"It's going to take a little time -- if I ever do -- for a lineup to be out there every day," Torre said. "I have to get the feel for where I think it's going to work."

Torre said he hasn't considered replacing Rafael Furcal at leadoff.

"To me, he's ideal there," said Torre. "It's a good spot for him. He's like Russell -- he gets overanxious instead of letting the game come to him."

Torre said if he were to replace Furcal, it would probably be with Martin because of his on-base percentage. But "if I ever did that, it wouldn't be for more than a game. Furky is the leadoff guy. I have to be committed to him, he's so important for us. For me, that's the best place for him."

Torre said he was likely to begin on Thursday a system of resting left fielder Manny Ramirez and third baseman Casey Blake for all day games after night contests. Reed Johnson would start in left and Ronnie Belliard at third. But Torre said he wasn't sure if James Loney would start against left-hander Paul Maholm. If Loney doesn't start, Belliard would play first base and Jamey Carroll at third.