Mattingly doesn't expect big moves at Deadline

Mattingly doesn't expect big moves at Deadline

LOS ANGELES -- Despite rumored links to star pitchers Jon Lester, Cole Hamels and the like, manager Don Mattingly said he's "not expecting anything huge" for the Dodgers before Thursday's non-waiver Trade Deadline.

There's been talk the Dodgers could add a starting pitcher, deal one of their surplus outfielders -- or both -- but Mattingly hasn't added any fuel to that fire.

"I'm happy with our club," he said Tuesday. "We feel like we're good enough to get where we want to go. Anything I'm saying, that we want this or that, to me, is always negative for our players that are here, saying our guys aren't good enough."

The crowded outfield, in particular, has been the focus of much discussion. The Dodgers recently moved Yasiel Puig to center field and Matt Kemp to right field, with Carl Crawford starting in left and former All-Star Andre Ethier the odd man out.

But Mattingly said Ethier has taken the decision in stride. If the Dodgers don't make a move to unload an outfielder, the manager doesn't anticipate any issues in the clubhouse.

"I think Andre understands the situation," Mattingly said. "He didn't tell me how happy or unhappy he was with it. I think he's been around here long enough to know that that could change any moment. One misstep, or if something happens, changes his role.

"We've invested too much to get to this point. It's not really about who's playing, who's not playing at this moment. It's going to be about us winning."

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