Dodgers' tickets selling at record pace

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers, club president Stan Kasten said on Thursday, will reach 3 million tickets sold before their home opener for the first time in franchise history.

"We couldn't be prouder of that," he said. "It is tremendously gratifying to have that kind of support from your fans."

Following 3.7 million in attendance in 2013, the Dodgers sold the equivalent of 32,000 full season tickets by January. So they siphoned away some tickets normally reserved for game-day sale and, by their April 4 home opener against the Giants, expect to have sold 35,000 season tickets.

Fans also certainly will be pleased to know that Dodger Stadium now has fully operational WiFi, available throughout the ballpark at no cost.

"There's one exception," Kasten said. "The visiting clubhouse."

And no, that's not for competitive advantage reasons. Rather, Kasten noted, the new visiting clubhouse is in a bunker-like area under the stands and "technical reasons" are what's preventing WiFi right now.

"It will be on in a matter of weeks," Kasten assured.

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