Dodgers' Leach grateful for dad's love

Dodgers' Leach grateful for dad's love

(Editor's note: For Father's Day, Dodgers reliever Brent Leach chose to write a personal note about his parents, Jerry and Beverly.)

I don't think I could explain how big of a role both my parents have played in my life, and I know all the words couldn't be put into a sentence or even a short e-mail.

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I have been blessed to have them both very much involved in my life. They are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year. Dad is the businessman. He has worked for Allstate Insurance for right at 30 years and Mom has been a school teacher for 30 years. But since it is Father's Day, I will talk a little more about Dad, even though I couldn't ever be where I am today if it wasn't for both of them.

Growing up it was just my younger brother, Brian, who is in first full season in the Minor Leagues with the Pirates, and me. Dad always reminded us we had it on a silver platter growing up because when he was young, he grew up on a farm and had to work every day and stacked hay bales for $1 an hour. My brother and I never had to do that growing up!

Dad coached our summer baseball teams, fall basketball church teams and even Pee Wee football. He was always helping us out, teaching us lessons and making sure we were staying on the right track so that hopefully we would become a genuine God-fearing man one day.

Every day I always give him a buzz right before game time. I tell him that I love both him and Mom and tell them to relax if I get to come in and pitch. They are back in Mississippi so they have to stay up late to watch our games out here. I know they never miss a game.

Recently, in Chicago, while playing the Cubs, was their first time to see me in person pitching in the big leagues. Dad was pumped, but he still found time to tell me "to get a haircut, it is too long!"

I am blessed to have the parents I have and I thank God for them every day.