Cruz contrite after involvement in brawl

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Adrian Gonzalez and Luis Cruz returned to the Dodgers on Monday from their World Baseball Classic adventure with Team Mexico. Cruz expressed contrition for his ordering of a beaning against Canada that triggered Saturday's brawl.

"I lost it," Cruz said repeatedly. "I just feel bad because I lost it, and that's not the way I play."

Otherwise, Cruz would not elaborate on the reasons he motioned to Mexican pitcher Arnold Leon to hit batter Rene Tosoni with a pitch, which he did on the third try, triggering the melee.

That came one batter after catcher Chris Robinson, with a six-run lead, bunted toward Cruz at third base for a single, a breach of baseball etiquette with a large lead, even though Classic rules contain a tiebreaker based on run differential.

No suspensions were handed out, although Cruz still could be fined for his actions.

"I'm just glad to be back in camp so I can work on everything," said Cruz, a career Minor Leaguer who broke through in the second half of 2012 to be the incumbent third baseman to start this season. "The main thing is to be ready for Opening Day and help myself be a better player."

Meanwhile, Team Mexico teammate Gonzalez confirmed that Canada coach Larry Walker teamed with Gonzalez during the bench-clearing scrum to prevent Gonzalez from getting involved.

"I was just making sure nobody got any cheap shots in," said Gonzalez. "He had me most of the time. If I was a coach in his situation, I'd probably do the same thing."

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