New HD video screens coming to Dodger Stadium

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- While the Dodgers continue spring preparations for the team on the field, construction continues on renovations at Dodger Stadium, most notably the twin video screens that have been installed above the right- and left-field pavilions.

The Dodgers have partnered with ANC Sports Enterprises on the first 10mm 1080p high-definition LED displays in the Major Leagues. Featuring physical pixels which are closer together than any other large display in MLB and driven by a 1080p high-definition feed, the Dodger Stadium video screens will feature some of the clearest images around the league.

"ANC's technologies, integration capabilities and game day services will help to keep our fans entertained and informed, while providing them a most memorable experience at every game at Dodger Stadium," said Lon Rosen, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of the Dodgers. "Integrating high-definition video screens into the original hexagonal scoreboard shape will not only provide some of the most impressive visuals in sports, but also retain our classic ballpark feel."

The video screens are the focal point of what the club promises to be a more entertaining fan experience, along with numerous upgrades throughout the stadium, including state-of-the-art wireless accessibility.

The new video screens, designed in the familiar hexagonal shape of the stadium's original scoreboards, measure more than 77 feet wide and vary in height from 24 to 38 feet. Each screen contains more than 2.3 million pixels to maximize clarity.

"We are looking forward to working with the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the most storied franchises in all of sports, to introduce a new enhanced game day baseball experience," said Jerry Cifarelli, president and chief executive officer of ANC Sports. "ANC's video displays, advanced operating system and proprietary scoring platform will provide Dodgers fans with an unprecedented visual presentation complete with the most in-depth statistical analysis available."

Each screen will have a six-foot-high video strip beneath it for additional messages, and there will be two outfield video wall displays, each six feet high and 61 feet wide. An LED ribbon will replace the one that currently extends 1,121 feet along the Club Level fascia.