Return dates for Kemp, Crawford remain fluid

MESA, Ariz. -- On display in his office, Don Mattingly has lineups posted for his club's next four games. Two names have been noticeably absent all spring.

"If you were able to walk through my office and see my board, Carl [Crawford] or Matt [Kemp] are not on any of those lineups," Mattingly said.

But that's about as far as the Dodgers skipper will go in projecting when the two outfielders -- both coming off surgery -- will get their first cuts in. (Both are slated to start the spring at DH before moving to the field.)

And why should Mattingly commit to a set date for their returns? It's February. "It goes back to my thing -- let's not set hard deadlines, tell days," Mattingly said. "We don't know. We're coming off major injuries. Let's let the body tell us when it's ready."

Kemp, who underwent right shoulder surgery in October, hit in the cages Wednesday morning and felt good enough to take on-field batting practice -- off of Mattingly -- later in the workout. Mattingly said Kemp was fine and his extension, even on full swings and misses, caused no pain.

Crawford, meanwhile, did not face any live pitching on Wednesday. Coming off Tommy John surgery, Crawford has done so only once this spring. He spent Wednesday's workout tracking pitches in the bullpens to try to hone his timing.