Mattingly confident Kemp can quickly snap slump

Mattingly confident Kemp can quickly snap slump

LOS ANGELES -- Typically when Matt Kemp goes on an extended streak, it's of the hot variety. So when he goes 0-for-19, concerns arise.

Manager Don Mattingly has chalked it up to simply trying to do much with a need to just get back to what has worked in the past before this slump began. He said he's slightly concerned, but he knows with someone as talented as Kemp that things could pick up with one at-bat.

"It's that inch away," Mattingly said about how close the 27-year-old is to getting back in a groove. "As a player when you are in an 0-for-19 [slump], you feel like it's three feet away. We have to be careful to keep him from doing anything drastic. He just needs to keep working and putting days behind him. The 0-for-19 at this point, he can't get it back. It doesn't matter anymore."

After Kemp went 0-for-4 in Monday's loss to the Giants, Mattingly said the center fielder has been a little impatient swinging at the ball out of the strike zone. On Tuesday, he said Kemp needs to regain his confidence and that every player goes through ups and downs.

"It's the next 19 we are worried about," he said. "You can't let the last 19 mess you up."