Dodgers working on reliever League's mechanics

Dodgers working on reliever League's mechanics

MIAMI -- Having acquired reliever Brandon League from Seattle two weeks ago, the Dodgers now are trying to fix him.

League has allowed two runs in two innings of relief since joining the team in exchange for Minor Leaguers Leon Landry and Logan Bawcom. A one-time closer for the Mariners, League lost that job and his effectiveness this year.

The Dodgers feel, and League said he agrees, that his problems are mechanical. League was conspicuously absent from the late innings of Friday night's close win, and manager Don Mattingly said he wants League's mechanics smoothed out before he throws him back into that kind of fire.

"He has a tendency to pull hard to the side and his arm drags behind him," said bullpen coach Ken Howell. "We're trying to get him to stay back on his right leg longer, stride the front leg out farther, and he'll stay in line with the target. It should be an easy fix."

League said he "absolutely agrees" that he has a tendency to pull off as he throws.

"It's been a battle all year," he said. "I had keys in Seattle, and we're using different keys here. I tend to get my front leg moving too fast and that causes my problems."

League had 37 saves, five blown saves and a 2.79 ERA in 2011. But this year, he has nine saves, six blown saves and a 3.86 ERA.