Mattingly echoes Hairston's frustration over slide

Mattingly echoes Hairston's frustration over slide

Mattingly echoes Hairston's frustration over slide
LOS ANGELES -- The day off Thursday helped Jerry Hairston's leg bruise, but it didn't lessen the Dodgers' fury over Wednesday's takeout slide by Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt that caused it.

Manager Don Mattingly echoed Hairston's opinion that Goldschmidt's slide was not clean.

"I'm all about playing the game hard. I love breaking up double plays, but play clean," Mattingly said Friday. "When I saw the replay, it was bad. That's not clean, especially by today's standards. That's trying to hit somebody. I've seen Hal McRae roll guys and Don Baylor [Arizona's hitting coach]. But that's a different time."

Kirk Gibson, Goldschmidt's manager, said he thought it was "a good, hard slide" and "not a big deal."

"I think we played really hard last series," the Arizona manager and former Dodgers MVP said before Friday's series opener against the Phillies. "I would never encourage us to do anything that wasn't within the rules. We do play hard. And I like when we play hard."

Hairston said the bruise on his right shin had improved and not being in the lineup was a manager's decision, not a health issue.

Mattingly, whose club has already had 21 disabling injuries, was glad Hairston didn't become No. 22.

"When I saw the replay, Jerry wasn't even trying to throw to first, he was stretching for the throw from this," Mattingly said. "If he slides into the bag, he might be safe. But what I saw, I didn't like at all. Look at the replay and I don't know how you can see it any other way.

"Maybe he [Goldschmidt] was mad about being hit, but we're not going to hit him with a guy on first down two runs to get to [Justin] Upton. Maybe that was his thought process, but he was definitely trying to get him [Hairston].

"I even talked to Ned [Colletti, general manager] about it. I don't know what you can do, but that slide was late. When Mark Ellis got hurt on a slide, there were no complaints from us because it was clean. Wendesday, Upton slid into Hairston, nobody said anything because it was clean. But it's not clean when you're trying to hurt somebody."