Dodgers' clubhouse abuzz after slew of deals

Dodgers' clubhouse abuzz after slew of deals

Dodgers' clubhouse abuzz after slew of deals
LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers clubhouse was already buzzing with the recent addition of Hanley Ramirez. That feeling has multiplied now with Los Angeles trading for another speedster from the National League East in Shane Victorino.

With the acquisitions of relievers Randy Choate and Brandon League bolstering the bullpen, and Ramirez and Victorino adding consistency to the lineup, the players were ready to start making their own noise.

"We are getting better, better and better. There is no doubt about it," Ramirez said.

"The front office is doing everything they can to improve the ballclub. Now, it's up to us to do our job on the field."

The Dodgers entered Tuesday in a virtual tie atop the NL West with the Giants, who added their own outfielder from Philadelphia on Monday in Hunter Pence.

From Day 1, the new ownership group has pledged a commitment to winning as soon as possible, and the players are pleased to see the front office owning up to its promises.

"As long as you get the right mix of people and the right guys in here, it's definitely going to help," Mark Ellis said. "I think they have done a good job recognizing what we need on this team. "

After positioning themselves to be in the pennant race during the first three months of the season, the Dodgers are excited about the possibilities down the stretch. The Giants and D-backs have both made moves this week to make the NL West race an exciting one, but the Dodgers think they now have what it takes.

"We've already seen what Hanley brings," A.J. Ellis said. "His energy on the field is outstanding -- offense, defense, running the bases. Shane Victorino, everyone knows what he does."

While Ellis was excited to see players like Ramirez and Victorino added to the team, there was a bittersweet feeling due to the departure of Josh Lindblom.

Ellis, like many others in the Dodgers clubhouse, had a close friendship with Lindblom and said it is going to take some time for him to figure out what he wants to personally say to his friend and former teammate. However, he did acknowledge how important of a player Lindblom was to Los Angeles.

"One thing that nobody can ever take away or forget is that we wouldn't be in this position without Josh Lindblom and what he's done to help us get to this spot," Ellis said. "He's picked up so many big innings for us in the bullpen and he filled so many different roles. Without him, there is a good chance we wouldn't even be in a position to make trade acquisitions."