Mattingly: Hanley 'is part of us' going forward

Mattingly: Hanley 'is part of us' going forward

Mattingly: Hanley 'is part of us' going forward
SAN FRANCISCO -- Don Mattingly weighed in on the early Ramirez comparisons, Manny vs. Hanley.

"Manny was unbelievable. The instant he arrived, he was just throwing up hits all over the place," the Dodgers manager said Saturday in the wake of Hanley's game-winning homer Friday night. "Every hit and ribbie we needed, he'd get. But I look at Manny and Hanley different.

"Manny was at the end of his career. When we got him, nobody thought we'd re-sign him. Hanley is in his prime and will be here for two more years. He has more life in his body, he can run. Manny was amazing, but Manny was more like a rental. Hanley is part of us. He's part of the process we're building toward."

For Saturday's batting order against Giants left-hander Barry Zito, Mattingly made some changes, moving Ramirez up to cleanup behind Matt Kemp, moving Andre Ethier from fourth to second and elevating Mark Ellis from second to leadoff.

"I felt Mark fits more at leadoff today and Dre has had trouble with Zito [5-for-36]," said Mattingly. "I put him in front of Matt to get some strikes. Then Hanley and Matt, with Jerry [Hairston] fifth because he's hit Zito good [9-for-25]. That's the thinking."

Mattingly said Ramirez immediately makes drafting a lineup "a lot easier to make out."

"Before, making out the lineup, not to knock anybody but sometimes we had Jerry in the three-hole, James [Loney] third -- they just weren't where they should be if we're going to be competitive on a daily basis."

And what if general manager Ned Colletti makes that lineup even easier to fill out by acquiring somebody like Shane Victorino to bat leadoff and pester pitchers?

"I can't talk about somebody else's player," Mattingly said.