Nomar 'nervous' for managing debut

Garciaparra 'nervous' for managing debut

SAN FRANCISCO -- As is his custom, Joe Torre turned over managerial duties for the final game to a veteran. In Sunday's case, it was Nomar Garciaparra, who took the job seriously.

"I'm definitely nervous about it. Last night, I made out three lineups," Garciaparra said during the pregame media briefing. "You think I'm kidding? Under the lineups, I wrote all the cliches for you guys and I practiced them in front of a mirror."

Garciaparra, with Mark Sweeney serving as his bench coach, was not given a full arsenal of weapons to face Giants Cy Young candidate Tim Lincecum.

"Joe told me who's available," he said. "He told me the guys who were definitely out. He said Manny [Ramirez] has a day off. That's probably why [Torre] took the day off. Go get 'em, kid. No Russell [Martin]. No [Jeff] Kent. Thanks, Skip. But I love the guys I have in there today."

It took Garciaparra three tries with the lineup, as he was unaware that Rafael Furcal was also given the day off.

Garciaparra was asked if he ever thought about managing and shot back his quickest answer of the session.

"No," he said. "This is the first and only time. I have no desire to manage. I know what I think of my managers, I know what they'd think of me. I could see instructing, something more like that."

Garciaparra said he was nervous about the possibility of an argument with an umpire. He said he would consider putting himself in the game as a player/manager and that he would make pitching changes. He said he planned to send signs to third-base coach Larry Bowa, who told Garciaparra not to bother.

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