Gordon stays active with unique rehab routine

Gordon stays active with unique rehab routine

ST. LOUIS -- Under the category of unusual rehab techniques, consider Dodgers shortstop Dee Gordon and his egg catch.

Until Aug. 2, Gordon will wear that unmistakable neon lime green cast on his right arm. The cast comes off then and he will regain movement of his wrist and arm, which have been immobilized to allow healing of a torn right thumb ligament.

With a cast on his throwing hand, Gordon can't throw a ball or swing a bat, but that doesn't mean he can't work on his game, and that's where the egg catch comes in.

Three times a week, Gordon has a coach play soft toss to him with a real egg.

"If my hands are soft, the egg won't break," said Gordon, who catches the egg with his bare left hand. "This helps me work on having soft hands."

Gordon also has been taking ground balls during infield practice, carefully keeping the cast out of the path. And he hits off a tee one-handed. He was injured July 4 on a headfirst steal of third base.

"His hand strength will be the biggest issue when the cast comes off," manager Don Mattingly said of Gordon, a left-handed hitter. "That's the bottom hand [batting]. We've talked to him about taking advantage of the down time, pay attention to game situations while he can. He's been asking questions. I think he has taken advantage of it."