Uribe gets another start at third after big game

Uribe gets another start at third after big game

NEW YORK -- Juan Uribe, fresh off his best game of an otherwise rough season, was back in the Dodgers' lineup Sunday.

But manager Don Mattingly said a home run, double and four RBIs on Saturday doesn't mean Uribe has won back the everyday third-base job.

"We'll still match him up," Mattingly said of Uribe, who had a .281 lifetime average against Saturday starter Miguel Batista, although he was 0-for-8 against Sunday starter Jon Niese entering the game.

"He had success with [Batista]," said Mattingly. "That's what we'll continue to try to do against guys he's had success with. He's also our best defensive third baseman. You're always weighing factors."

Of course, the biggest factor in Uribe's future playing time will be whether the Dodgers can land a third baseman before the non-waiver Trade Deadline like San Diego's Chase Headley. In the meantime, Mattingly hopes the big game gives Uribe some traction.

"You hope," he said. "You never know what gets a guy going. But any time you have a big contribution in a win, you feel like part of the club. When you don't contribute, you feel disoriented."