Harang OK after taking comebacker off hand

Harang OK after taking comebacker off hand

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers right-hander Aaron Harang faced a scary moment in the third inning of Saturday's game vs. the Padres when a comebacker hit by Alexi Amarista drilled the pitcher in the wrist. Trainer Sue Falsone rushed to the mound after the play, followed by manager Don Mattingly, to check up on the starter.

Harang's pinkie and ring fingers were also hit on the liner, and he said it happened so fast that he wasn't sure which body part was hit first when he stopped the ball with his bare hand.

After throwing a few cautionary pitches, Harang stayed in the game for seven innings before leaving after throwing 104 pitches. He gave up four runs -- three earned -- thanks to a pair of San Diego home runs.

"I threw a few pitches, a fastball and a changeup, to make sure," he said after Saturday's start. "I just wanted to check the changeup and make sure the grip was all right."

The righty wound up making the out to first on the third-inning play and didn't show any signs of pain during the rest of the outing.

Harang said he felt completely fine Sunday and added he even forgot about the play until it was brought back up.