Mattingly not letting Dodgers' slide alter demeanor

Mattingly not letting Dodgers' slide alter demeanor

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers clubhouse was a lot quieter than usual on Saturday, which was picture day on the field.

But players still aren't hanging their heads despite a season-high six-game losing streak. However, that doesn't mean they are content with how things are playing out on the field.

"We saw more frustration out of our club last night," manager Don Mattingly said.

Although the team continues to struggle, Mattingly isn't changing his approach. The even-keeled manager said he never gets too up or down when it comes to dealing with his players.

Mattingly lets his players know how he is feeling, but he isn't one to yell at a player -- an umpire or two, maybe, but not his players.

"That maybe works for a day, but then you have another 90 games," he said. "You can't sustain that in baseball. You can't sustain the screaming and yelling and being fired up."

He said the team held a meeting at the start of the Angels series last weekend after being swept in Oakland, but things still haven't improved. However, Mattingly said he still feels like he is getting the right amount of effort from his players.

Frustrated, but not panicking, he said the team needs to simply stay the course and realize help is on the way with players returning from injuries.

Regardless, Mattingly knows things need to change, even if his even-keeled approach remains the same.

"At the end of the day, guys aren't happy they are losing," he said.