Gordon gets some tutelage from Henderson

Gordon gets some tutelage from Henderson

Gordon gets some tutelage from Henderson
OAKLAND -- If Dee Gordon does not evolve into an elite Major League basestealer, it won't be for lack of mentors.

He's already been tutored by the likes of basestealing legends Maury Wills and Davey Lopes. This week Gordon met the self-proclaimed greatest of all time, Rickey Henderson, who has no official role with the A's but suits up and hangs out as he chooses.

"We had a nice conversation," said Gordon. "Oh my God, the man knows stealing. A lot of it is what I've heard from Maury and Davey. These are guys that are the best at what they do and each one does it a little bit different. Not really a different meaning, but a different voice and a different view."

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Gordon said as soon as he saw Henderson on the field Tuesday he went up to him, unescorted, and introduced himself. Gordon said he never mentioned his famous father, former pitcher Tom Gordon, nor did Henderson.

Did Gordon see Henderson, who is 53, play?

"I had gone to see my uncle, Clyde [Pork Chop] Pough, play in independent league for Nashua [in 2003], and Rickey was playing against him for Newark," Gordon said. "That's crazy, huh?"

Henderson finished his Hall of Fame career playing briefly for the Dodgers in 2003.