As manager, Mattingly embraces NL style

As manager, Mattingly embraces NL style

LOS ANGELES -- With the Dodgers in the middle of a 15-game Interleague stretch, manager Don Mattingly admitted to preferring National League rules and said he would vote for no designated hitter if given a choice.

"I like this style," Mattingly said. "Playing in one and basically being able to coach in both, I like the National League game better."

As a player, he said he didn't give enough credit to the NL's style of play and always wondered why it doesn't have a DH.

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Now, Mattingly has switched viewpoints.

"I think they should go straight National League rules now," he said.

He said with mostly utility players on the bench, his club isn't set up to play with a DH like an American League team. Heading into Wednesday's game, the Dodgers were 3-2 this season in Interleague games.