Mattingly stands by decision to pitch to Pujols

Mattingly stands by decision to pitch to Pujols

LOS ANGELES -- With two outs and a runner on second in the ninth inning on Monday night, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly decided to attack three-time MVP Albert Pujols instead of rookie Mark Trumbo, who was waiting on deck.

One day later, Mattingly stuck by his decision thanks to a high level of confidence in his closer Kenley Jansen.

"Kenley is throwing the ball good and we take on everybody for the most part," he said. "So we go after Pujols."

Badgered with questions about his choice, Mattingly was firm in his stance.

"I think [Jansen] can get anybody out and right there we are going to go after Pujols," Mattingly said.

He added that he gives his closer some say in the decision regarding which player he wants to attack. In this case, Jansen, who was 4-0 with nine saves and a 2.20 ERA heading into Monday night's game, didn't want to pitch around or walk Pujols.

Trumbo was 0-for-2 with a strikeout against Jansen, while Pujols was 1-for-2 with a home run. He improved that mark after he singled in Mike Trout to give the Angels the lead and the 3-2 victory.

When asked if he regrets his decision, Mattingly said it's one of the moves he thinks about.

"You make decisions for a reason," he said. "Some of them work out. Some of them don't."