Torre in favor of instant replay

Torre in favor of instant replay

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers manager Joe Torre stands in favor of some form of instant replay, which Major League Baseball hopes to implement for disputed home run calls before the season ends.

"It's got to be a benefit for [the umpires], because a lot of those things I know we watch it on replay and say, 'How the [heck] do you miss it?'" Torre said. "But they get one shot at it, and you look at and see all those fans and then you try to find that white ball, sometimes it goes by quickly, so I don't think that's going to hurt them."

Torre is glad replay will be narrow in scope, as things would get too complicated if umpires could review a play like the one on July 29 at Dodger Stadium, when Giants outfielder Fred Lewis deflected a ball onto the pad on top of the cement wall that separates the box seats from left field.

After an umpires meeting, crew chief Greg Gibson ruled the ball went out of play and granted each Dodgers runner an extra base, a confusing ruling involving Dodger Stadium ground rules.

"That stuff's going to take forever," Torre said. "I think if you start doing that then where do you draw the line? Different ballparks have different ground rules, but the ground rules are all the same on interference and the fair ball and the fair and foul pole."

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