Kemp asks Ethier to join him for HR Derby

Kemp asks Ethier to join him for HR Derby

SEATTLE -- Injured Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp said he has invited teammate Andre Ethier to participate in the State Farm Home Run Derby.

Kemp, named captain of the National League team after leading the league in home runs last year, said he is still analyzing who will fill out the lineup.

Among candidates Kemp is considering: St. Louis' Carlos Beltran (who leads the NL with 17 home runs); Miami's Giancarlo Stanton; Atlanta second baseman Dan Uggla; and Colorado outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. Others among league home run leaders: Milwaukee's Ryan Braun and Corey Hart; Cincinnati's Jay Bruce; and Philadelphia's Hunter Pence.

Kemp intends to participate, even though he is expected to miss most of the month of June with a pulled hamstring and even though he was a bust in last year's Home Run Derby.

"Andre would be really good in that," manager Don Mattingly said of Ethier's swing. "Matt is not good in a home run contest. He doesn't pull. Try winning that contest going to right-center. All the guys who win pull everything."

In the first All-Star balloting updates released last week, Kemp led all NL vote-getters with 1,952,910. Ethier was fourth among outfielders, behind Kemp, Beltran and Braun.