Ethier has busy day giving back to community

Ethier has busy day giving back to community

LOS ANGELES -- Andre Ethier had his hands full off the field Tuesday, spending the afternoon passing out Dodger Dogs to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles. He followed up that act by giving away 50 bacon-wrapped hot dogs to fans at the game that evening to show his appreciation.

"Luckily the Dodgers were able to let us pass out some free food in their stadium and get some of the fans a little something," Ethier said.

Ethier, who is very active volunteering in the community, donated 1,000 hot dogs at the Union Rescue Mission early in the day and he will be donating a $5,000 check to the organization as part of his work with the no-texting-and-driving initiative.

He's also working on delivering therapeutic teddy bears to a number of area children's hospitals in the near future.

"We get to play in these nice parks with the support of the fans and get paid very well for doing it," he said. "You take so much and there's so much for you that you can give back to show your appreciation and how you really care for the area you are playing in."

Doing just that may have put a little bit of karma in Ethier's corner Tuesday night as the outfielder went 2-for-3 with his NL-leading 43rd RBI.