Sellers scratched with numbness in leg

Sellers scratched with numbness in leg

Sellers scratched with numbness in leg
PHOENIX -- Just when it looked like the Dodgers were getting healthy, infielder Justin Sellers scratched from Wednesday's lineup with numbness in his right leg. He will have an MRI exam on Thursday.

Sellers, who was set to start at third base, was replaced in the lineup by Adam Kennedy.

Sellers said the injury could have occurred when he crashed into the stands making a highlight-reel catch of a Miguel Montero foul ball last week at Dodger Stadium.

"I know I played after that and I don't know if it happened then and got worse. I don't know," said Sellers. "It could have happened that way, I don't know for sure. I do know for sure I was beat up for a couple of days, so it definitely could have been from that."

Sellers said he's able to swing a bat, throw and run straight ahead. But when he reaches to make a backhand stop with his glove, "I feel a pinch and a tingle," he said.

Manager Don Mattingly said word of the injury caught him by surprise.

"He seems a little bit nervous about it," Mattingly said. "We tell them not to play with something and not tell us what's going on, but as many times as you tell them, they just don't do it."