Honeycutt not worried about Billingsley

Honeycutt not worried about Billingsley

LOS ANGELES -- With back-to-back starts that totaled eight innings, Chad Billingsley has Dodgers fans in a panic, but not so much his bosses.

After overseeing Billingsley's Thursday bullpen session, pitching coach Rick Honeycutt said Billingsley's outing against the D-backs on Tuesday (four runs on eight hits in four-plus innings) was better than it looked.

"I thought the ball was coming out better," said Honeycutt. "The [fifth] inning, two ground balls go a foot here or there and he's out of it [Billingsley instead allowed five consecutive hits]. That's just the way it was.

"Mechanically, when his arm gets a little late, his ball runs back over the plate and that isn't good. He's still competing. It might have looked bad, but it comes back to fastball command. His curveball is still good, and his slider, he needs to know when to use it, and sometimes he shakes off and I'm not sure he trusts it as much as we trust it."

Billingsley's next start is Sunday against the Cardinals.