Dodgers get Lakers jerseys from Magic

Dodgers get Lakers jerseys from Magic

LOS ANGELES -- When the Dodgers reported to the clubhouse on Friday, each player and uniformed staff member found a pair of No. 32 Lakers jerseys signed by new part-owner Magic Johnson.

One was personalized for each Dodger, the other autographed so each could be donated to the charity of the player's choice.

It was such a generous gesture that Indiana native and manager Don Mattingly finally made the conversion complete from being a Larry Bird fan.

"This puts him over the top," said Mattingly, who said he has green Bird sneakers, but had to buy them at a charity auction.

"It's a great gift," said Jerry Hairston, a big fan of Michael Jordan who sidestepped the question of which Basketball Hall of Famer was better.

"Magic was the greatest point guard," said Hairston. "Jordan was the greatest shooting guard."