Dodgers keeping eye on Kemp, Hairston injuries

Dodgers keeping eye on Kemp, Hairston injuries

Dodgers keeping eye on Kemp, Hairston injuries
LOS ANGELES -- Matt Kemp was again in the lineup Tuesday night and Jerry Hairston was again not likely to play as they continue dealing with left hamstring issues.

As Kemp showed Monday night, coasting into second on a double and running for a sinking fly ball half-speed that earned him an error, he's playing safety first, but he's still playing on a slight strain.

"Kemp's good to go," said Dodgers manager Don Mattingly. "I want to keep making sure. You see him hit the ball and he comes chillin' into second, you know he's not pushing it. I'm making sure. I asked [head athletic trainer] Sue [Falsone] 10 times, 'Is he ready to go or not?' I don't play him if he's not ready. They tell me he's OK and he's promised to be honest."

Mattingly said he saw a lineup without Kemp on Sunday at Wrigley Field and knows what that's like, but insists he's not playing someone that shouldn't be playing.

"I'm just making sure we're smart, because it's better not to have him one day or two days compared to 15 or 20 days. He knows his body. And the DL screws you up. You're out two weeks, that doesn't mean you come back where you left off. You take 10 days, it's a mystery with what you're going to get when he comes back."

Hairston's injury is more severe, but the club isn't convinced it's severe enough to require 15 days on the disabled list.

"Jerry's getting better," said Mattingly. "He's hitting off a tee and Sue will let me know what he can do. If it gets better, he'll probably be able to do something tonight. We're moving in that direction; the key is how soon we can get something from him."

Hairston said this injury has turned out to be worse than the cramp he originally hoped it was, but not as bad as a pull he once suffered on the other side.

"I didn't blow it," he said. "I'd call it a mild strain. I hope it's only a few days."