Guerrier eligible to return, but not yet ready

Guerrier eligible to return, but not yet ready

CHICAGO -- Reliever Matt Guerrier was eligible to come off the disabled list Friday, but elbow tendonitis hasn't even allowed him to throw on flat ground without discomfort and he has not been on a mound since being disabled.

"It's not going as fast as we were hoping," said Guerrier. "I'll see the doctor when I get home."

Guerrier had a platelet-rich plasma injection, but hasn't noticed much improvement. He continues to play soft catch just to keep all the other parts in motion without further aggravating the injury.

Manager Don Mattingly said it's no coincidence that since Guerrier has been disabled, the bullpen has struggled.

"Any time you lose a piece, it moves everybody else around," he said. "Matt was our seventh-inning guy, but that pushes everybody into different roles. I don't think it's a coincidence."