Mattingly offers advice to new ownership

Mattingly offers advice to new ownership

DENVER -- Moments before new owners were being introduced at Dodger Stadium, manager Don Mattingly was in the dugout at Coors Field with cautionary words about where the Dodgers organization should focus on improvements.

"You can throw money at stuff and it doesn't necessarily solve problems," said Mattingly. "You want a Minor League system that's strong. You want guys brought along that play the game the way you want it played.

"You want to be able to replace players over time with our people and if you need a piece, you want to be in position to get that piece to put you over the top."

Mattingly reiterated that while the change in ownership is only a day old, the idea of a change in ownership was obvious when the club was home.

"The fans," said Mattingly. "There was a big-time energy boost in the stadium, you can feel that."

Mattingly watched the press conference online in his office, before the series finale with the Rockies. The press conference was not available on the clubhouse television.