Mattingly not shocked by Kemp's stellar April

Mattingly not shocked by Kemp's stellar April

Mattingly not shocked by Kemp's stellar April
DENVER -- A pretty good April for Matt Kemp:

A .417 batting average, second-highest in Lose Angeles Dodgers history for April; 12 home runs, most in Dodgers history and fifth-highest in MLB history for April; an .893 slugging percentage, highest in Dodgers history for April; 75 total bases, most in Dodgers history for April.

He's already won two National League Player of the Week awards and the NL Player of the Month award should go his way later this week.

Manager Don Mattingly said nothing Kemp does surprises him and he rejected a suggestion by a local reporter that Kemp is flying under the radar.

"You can't say what's going on is crazy, because he went into the last week of the season last year with a chance to win the Triple Crown," Mattingly said of Kemp. "This is not new stuff. He's not anonymous. In L.A., they know him pretty well. The more he does this, the more he'll be seen everywhere and he's going to keep going.

"Matt strikes out just enough that, like [Mark] McGwire, they're dangerous, but if you make the pitch just right, you can get him. But if you miss, that's the problem."

Mattingly agreed with Kemp's analysis that his hitting style is much like his childhood hero, Frank Thomas.

"An opposite-field power guy, that's what Matt does," Mattingly said. "It's kind of ridiculous power. Other guys don't go out there and Matt's land 10 rows back."