Guerra doing well two days after getting hit

Guerra doing well two days after getting hit

Guerra doing well two days after getting hit
LOS ANGELES -- After being hit in the face by a line drive during Wednesday's game against the Braves, Javy Guerra showed no visible signs of the incident as he walked through the Dodgers' clubhouse before Friday's game against the Nationals.

While Guerra had a swollen right jaw after the game, he had no bruising or swelling in the area two days later.

It is a great sign for Guerra, who has bounced back remarkably well after surviving the Brian McCann shot in the ninth inning.

"He really came out of everything pretty good, especially from the neck up," Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. "Nothing is structurally wrong with the jaw, he has no concussion symptoms. Everything came out clean with that stuff."

Mattingly said the only issue for Guerra is that the closer has a little discomfort in his right knee and the top of his right foot, from twisting to get out of the way of the ball.

Even after throwing before Friday's game, Guerra will likely take a day off from game action, with the team and doctors believing he just has short-term aggravation with no structural damage.

Looking at tape of the hit after the Dodgers' 4-2 loss on Wednesday, Mattingly said if he would have known the ball hit Guerra straight on, he would have taken him out.

"It really is remarkable after watching the tape a few times that night," Mattingly said. "Staying out there really shows Javy's toughness. It is quite remarkable."

During Los Angeles' off-day on Thursday, Guerra said he didn't have any special treatment and was able to chew food normally without any jaw pain.

"The doctor said my jaw line is good, and a stronger muscle than usual," Guerra said. "You just have to go back out there. It is part of the job."