Dodgers remain cautious with Uribe's wrist

Dodgers remain cautious with Uribe's wrist

HOUSTON -- Dodgers third baseman Juan Uribe did not start his third consecutive game Friday night, the last two because of a mildly inflamed left wrist.

Jerry Hairston Jr., the defensive star of Thursday's win at Milwaukee, started again at third base.

Uribe did hit in the cage and take batting practice before Friday's game at Houston. He said he was available to pinch hit, if needed.

"I feel good," Uribe said before the game. "I can play."

"We were really up in the air [about him] yesterday," manager Don Mattingly said. "Today was a big day. After the doctors saw him yesterday in Milwaukee, he started some kind of medication.

"We're going to see Juan this series. The plan right now is to start him Sunday. If the situation arises [before], we'll use him like anybody else off the bench."

Uribe injured the hand last Sunday against Sam Diego sliding home. He did not start Wednesday's game in Milwaukee because of the pitching matchup, not because of the injury.