Mattingly wants replay for calls at home plate

Mattingly wants replay for calls at home plate

MILWAUKEE -- Manager Don Mattingly didn't need to see the replay of Wednesday night's game-ending play at the plate to decide that baseball needs instant replay for calls at home, especially game-ending ones.

"Actually, my son Preston told me three weeks ago, and it started with [Andre] Ethier getting called out in San Diego when he was actually safe," said Mattingly. "Preston said if they look at replays for a home run, they should replay plays at the plate, and he's right. They should. Those plays always cost a run, which can cost a game. You can't say it cost us a game, but it cost us an opportunity to win a game."

The play in question saw Nyjer Morgan scoring the deciding run in the 10th inning of Milwaukee's 3-2 win. Plate umpire Mike DiMuro ruled Morgan safe, although replays seemed to show A.J. Ellis' hand blocking Morgan's lead foot in front of the plate while he applied a swipe tag to Morgan's backside after taking the throw from Matt Kemp.

Had Morgan been called out, the game would have gone into the 11th inning.

"That's a tough call," said Mattingly. "Any time the ball is coming and [the runner] is coming and the catcher is trying to block the plate and catch the ball and it's all happening at once, that's tough even with replay. You see a few replays and, I don't know, then they finally got it to that point, and he's out. With replay in the NFL and the NBA, that's one of those plays that can really change a game."