Mattingly surprised by LA's record, not play

Mattingly surprised by LA's record, not play

LOS ANGELES -- Don Mattingly understands the law of averages.

The Dodgers manager knows his club can't win eight of nine games for the rest of the season, as they have to start the 2012 campaign 8-1 -- the best record in baseball.

But what he isn't surprised by is the way his team has capitalized on the chances they've been given.

"Things have kind of bounced our way a little bit," Mattingly said. "We've gotten the outs that we've needed, we've gotten the hits that we needed to basically be able to sustain it."

The Dodgers are off to their best start since they began 9-1 in 1981, before eventually winning the World Series. They are also the last remaining one-loss club for the first time since 1955 -- the franchise's first title.

"Any time you come out 8-1, it's a little bit of a surprise," Mattingly said. "You're going to lose some games in there. We've had close games, they could have went either way a couple of them."