Lindblom impressing out of bullpen

Lindblom impressing out of bullpen

Lindblom impressing out of bullpen
LOS ANGELES -- Pitching with uncertainty is becoming Josh Lindblom's specialty.

The Dodgers right-hander doesn't have a set role in the bullpen, so he never knows when he'll be called upon, and he doesn't know just how secure his spot on the big league roster is because he has options available.

That's just fine with Lindblom, who hasn't surrendered a run and gave up just one hit in his six innings this season.

"When you feel good, those are times you can relax mentally on the mound," Lindblom said. "You aren't worrying about the pitch you just made or the pitch that you're going to make next. You're just worried about that pitch."

Lindblom's job with the Dodgers wasn't altered Saturday with Ted Lilly's return from a neck injury because Todd Coffey was placed on the DL in his place. Lindblom has played an important part in the success of the Dodgers bullpen this season.

"It's really just been the same as the end of last year -- just come in and attack," Lindblom said. "I just come in, and trust my stuff and just execute, not really do anything out of my ability."

Catcher A.J. Ellis said Lindblom's mix of pitches is what makes him so tough to hit. With a fastball, slider, curveball and changeup that he feels comfortable with, Lindblom is "kind of like having a starter's mix coming out of the bullpen," Ellis said.

"He's pitching with a lot of confidence right now," Ellis said. "The key to Josh is all the different weapons he has."