Jansen uses video to improve mechanics

Jansen uses video to improve mechanics

SAN DIEGO -- Kenley Jansen couldn't understand why he was suddenly giving up home runs, until pitching coaches Rick Honeycutt and Ken Howell showed him frame-by-frame video of the mechanical difference in his delivery from last year to this year.

The result was two perfect innings from Jansen in Saturday night's 6-5 Dodgers win in 11 innings.

The difference between good Jansen and bad Jansen is a bend in the right knee that allowed him better drive off the rubber and keeping his left arm in front of his body for greater pitch deception to hitters.

"That's how crazy baseball is," Jansen said. "You think you're doing it right out there because it feels right and you don't really know until you see it on tape. I thought I was throwing just like last year until I saw it.

"Then doing drills with Kenny, I could feel the difference using the lower part of my body. Last night it was totally different. I wasn't even trying to throw hard and the ball was jumping with late life and cutting. The video really helps. It's unbelievable."