Kemp unfazed by number of strikeouts

Kemp unfazed by number of strikeouts

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Worried about Matt Kemp's strikeouts?

Kemp isn't.

"I'm not worried at all," said Kemp, who struck out all four at-bats Thursday. "Just a bad day today. When the season starts, I'll be locked in. I'm feeling good, actually. Got my legs solid and I'm not worried at all."

Not even with 21 strikeouts and only one walk in 53 plate appearances? Not even manager Don Mattingly?

"Oh, a little bit," conceded Mattingly. "You don't want a guy swinging and missing all the time. It would concern me a lot more if Matt didn't work and was half-hearted. But when he's struggling, he's asked for more at-bats. It is part of what Matt does. I'd be a lot more concerned if I didn't feel there was a sense of urgency for him by the time it's Opening Day. So, yes and no."