Coffey delivers at the plate against KC

Coffey delivers at the plate against KC

Coffey delivers at the plate against KC
GLENDALE, Ariz. -- If you think it's funny watching reliever Todd Coffey and his Michelin Man body thundering in from the bullpen on his sprint to the mound, you should have heard him get the last belly laugh Thursday when he became the first Dodgers pitcher to get a base hit this Spring.

"The starters have been taking batting practice every day for two hours," said Coffey, who poked an RBI single to right field. "I'm going to rub it in for sure."

It was Coffey's first hit since Triple-A in 2007, but it also brought up memories of an at-bat in 2010 he'd rather forget.

"I broke my left thumb," he said. "Jammed me. Didn't know how to hold the bat and the vibration cracked it. Even though it's only a slim chance we'd get an at-bat, I was determined to learn how to bat without breaking something."

Coffey had an eventful game on the mound too. He relieved Chad Billingsley to get the final out of the fourth inning, then pitched the fifth, allowing a run on a bunt single, a stolen base and a two-out single by Eric Hosmer.

"A good piece of hitting," Coffey said of Hosmer. "I was real happy with my changeup today to lefties, they swung like they thought it was a fastball. I was pretty happy with the fastball and happy with my slide step."

Manager Don Mattingly won't forget seeing Coffey rumbling in from the bullpen in full sprint.

"I didn't see the parachute come out and got nervous," said Mattingly, who backed away on Coffey's final approach.