F. McCourt 'at peace' with sale of Dodgers

F. McCourt 'at peace' with sale of Dodgers

F. McCourt 'at peace' with sale of Dodgers
COMPTON, Calif. -- Making his first public appearance since agreeing to sell the Dodgers, owner and chairman Frank McCourt said Monday that he has no second thoughts about the decision.

"I've made a choice and I am going to stick with it," McCourt said. "It just got to a point where it became clear that it was the right thing to do.

"I'm at peace with it. It wasn't my first choice, but it is something I am now comfortable with."

Less than two weeks after agreeing to the sale, McCourt made a special appearance in Compton to unveil a new Dodgers Dreamfield at Mona Park, where he was also joined by Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp.

"He wanted this team to succeed," Kemp said. "I'm sure he wanted to end with a bang, but it is an unfortunate situation.

"We have done a lot of great things with him. I wish him all the best and he is a good friend of mine."

Having owned the team since 2004, McCourt also said he is grateful to Dodgers fans.

"They have been so great to my family ever since we arrived in Los Angeles," McCourt said. "I know the last couple years have been very difficult and I am very sorry about that, but we are going to move forward and handle the situation now as professionally as possible to make sure the baton is passed in a classy way."

There is no timeline for the sale of the Dodgers to be completed, but it is believed the team could bring as much as $1 billion or more, which includes Dodger Stadium and the media rights.

"It has been a privilege to own this franchise, and my focus is to make sure I hand it off better than I found it," said McCourt.

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