Dodgers being cautious with Gwynn

Dodgers being cautious with Gwynn

Dodgers being cautious with Gwynn
LOS ANGELES -- Tony Gwynn still has hopes to play this season, but he won't get the chance Tuesday, and he likely won't get the chance until his injured left shoulder has improved significantly.

Gwynn aggravated the shoulder on a couple of head-first slides, and manager Don Mattingly said he doesn't see Gwynn being able to play at full strength without risking irritating it more.

"I can't really picture any scenario where he doesn't take a chance on that shoulder," Mattingly said. "He's gotta play defense, where he'll end up diving or running into a wall. If he pinch-runs, he'll end up diving. It's hard to picture any scenario where he doesn't take a risk with that shoulder at this point."

Gwynn has been a reliable option in left field for the Dodgers, but much of his game, both in the field and on the basepaths, revolves around hustle and taking risks. His shoulder injury significantly inhibits that.

In other injury news, after learning of Jonathan Broxton's successful surgery, Mattingly said he expects his closer to be healthy and "really good" in the future. Whether or not that future will be in a Dodgers uniform, he isn't sure.

"It's hard to encourage anything at this point; we don't know anything," Mattingly said. "Anybody that signs Broxton is taking some sort of risk. You'll be going to Spring Training not really having seen him throw."

Though neither will play the remainder of the season, both Broxton and injured right fielder Andre Ethier were in the Dodgers clubhouse before Tuesday's game. Broxton's arm was in a sling, and he was set to meet with a team doctor. Ethier was no longer on crutches, noting there has been no swelling in his knee since he underwent surgery.