Mattingly wants coaches back next season

Mattingly wants coaches back next season

LOS ANGELES -- If Dodgers manager Don Mattingly gets his way this offseason, the 2011 Dodgers coaching staff will become the 2012 Dodgers coaching staff.

Though he said he'd support any of his coaches pursuing other opportunities, Mattingly noted his staff -- in his first season as a big league manager -- has helped make his job significantly easier and has made him more comfortable.

"Really the whole staff, these guys are pros from the standpoint that they do their work," Mattingly said. "I can trust that anything we need to be getting done it's getting done in their areas. I'm able to just check in with guys."

Mattingly noted the effect of having Trey Hillman with him on the bench, saying he is very comfortable working with him. He also pointed to third-base coach Tim Wallach and first-base coach Davey Lopes as keys to the team's success in preparation and in baserunning.

"It's helped me more than anything else -- these guys, the way they've worked," Mattingly said.