Dodgers believe Kershaw won't be suspended

Dodgers believe Kershaw won't be suspended

Dodgers believe Kershaw won't be suspended
LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers are confident that Clayton Kershaw's Wednesday night ejection for hitting Arizona outfielder Gerardo Parra's elbow with a pitch won't result in a suspension.

"As far as I know, I'm pitching Tuesday," said Kershaw, who had not heard from the office of MLB executive vice president Joe Torre, Kershaw's former manager whose office handles discipline.

Kershaw, who won his 19th game despite the sixth-inning ejection, has two more starts to become the Dodgers' first 20-game winner since 1990.

Manager Don Mattingly, who was also ejected for arguing the play with plate umpire Bill Welke, said he believed the umpire demonstrated a quick trigger because of the incident the night before, when Parra showed up Dodgers reliever Hong-Chih Kuo after homering off him, and Kershaw screamed at Parra from the dugout.

"I think, in my mind, the reason [Welke] jumped the gun, it was almost like he anticipated trouble," said Mattingly. "It's over. I'm sure something minor will come out of it, but I'm sure nothing major. I don't plan on it being a big deal. You look at the video. There should be no effect on Clayton's next start.

"[Joe] is going to be fair. I'm confident from the standpoint that he understands the game. He'll watch the video and see what's going on. He won't be favorable to us or Clayton. It's a baseball guy in there, somebody around the game as long as Joe, someone involved in the game a long time and knows what's going on."

Although Torre spoke to Mattingly by phone on Wednesday afternoon, there was no warning issued by umpires before or during Wednesday night's game.

"We kind of got a little bit [of a warning] on the phone call, but when [coach Tim Wallach] went up to the plate [to exchange lineup cards], I wondered if there would be an official warning," said Mattingly. "There wasn't. That made [the ejection] even more surprising."