Dodgers plan no further callups this season

Dodgers plan no further callups this season

Dodgers plan no further callups this season
SAN FRANCISCO -- Management's decision not to call up any players from Double-A Chattanooga will provide more playing time for their callups from Triple-A Albuquerque.

"You can only play eight guys a day," manager Don Mattingly said after Chattanooga was eliminated from the playoffs Saturday night. "We've got guys here we want to make sure we look at. We don't want guys here just to sit, even though some guys are interesting down there."

While trying -- and pretty much succeeding -- in winning every game over the last few weeks, Mattingly said the trials given to the callups serve as a "jump-start" into winter decision-making "for where you have to go."

"Are these guys ready? Can they contribute? Or do we need to buy another year?" he said.

Saturday night, Mattingly won with a lineup that included five starters that spent most of the season at Triple-A, bringing great satisfaction to Lorenzo Bundy, the Albuquerque manager who also has been called up to spend time with the Major League team.

"It's really been great to see these guys take the ball and run with it," said Bundy. "Each has different challenges to improve their game, but they all have the common goal of coming here to help the club win."

The five Saturday were winning starting pitcher Dana Eveland, catcher A.J. Ellis, middle infielders Dee Gordon and Justin Sellers and outfielder Jerry Sands. Sunday's lineup included callups Gordon, Sands and infielder Russell Mitchell.

"There's been a lot of good things happen," Mattingly said of the play from the callups.