McCarthy digs deep after bout with yips

McCarthy digs deep after bout with yips

LOS ANGELES -- A case of the yips can be tough for a pitcher, something they never want to deal with.

For veteran right-hander Brandon McCarthy, they popped up in the second inning of the Dodgers' 12-6 win on Sunday. McCarthy walked two batters and threw three wild pitches, leading to a long inning and his shortest outing of this season.

McCarthy threw 64 pitches, 38 for strikes, in three innings and gave up four hits, but he regained some his mechanics in the third.

"I was at least able to throw my sinker and curveball," McCarthy said. "That's something else I can go to, to at least remain somewhat competitive. I'm not completely gone, but I was able to keep some things where I wanted to."

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Manager Dave Roberts doesn't think McCarthy was having the same issues he had last season, when he issued 15 walks in a three-game span in August. Roberts planned to send him out in the fourth, but ultimately decided to go to the bullpen after the Dodgers' lengthy third inning.

"Today, it was one of those things that I think was the cutter that got him," Roberts said. "He's been lights out for us all year long. ... He couldn't get command of that cutter, and for him to rebound, I felt good after that third inning."

If it is the yips that caused the righty to have a tough day, McCarthy said he's equipped to tackle it because he's dealt with it before.

"It's just get back to work and see what I get to and see what I'm able to do," McCarthy said. "Hopefully that lends some insight to this year and I know how to confront it and hopefully that's the case, I guess you never know."

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