Acupuncture treatment has Lilly ready to go

Acupuncture treatment has Lilly ready to go

ST. LOUIS -- Ted Lilly, who came out of his last outing early because of a stiff neck, will make his next scheduled start Friday night as the latest convert to the handiwork of club acupuncturist Ichiro Tani.

Lilly's conversion is particularly noteworthy because he never expected to respond to the alternative treatment, even though his wife, Natasha, is a veterinarian who regularly utilizes acupuncture in the treatment of large and small animals.

"I went into it doubtful it would work, because I don't understand the science of it," Lilly said. "But I got to the point where I was concerned if I'd be able to pitch, so I was willing to try.

"I've had [treatment] the last couple of days and I noticed it as soon as I got off the table. It's hard to think it's from anything else. I had more movement after being so locked up."

Tani is in his seventh season as the club's message therapist. A native of Japan, he spent 10 seasons with the Hanshin Tigers before coming to the Dodgers.